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Know House is proud to present you West 35, its new property development in Mauritius located in la Mivoie! After the great success of West 17 and West 24, West 35 has been designed as an extension to offer another authentic tropical experience upgraded to new heights. If you have been considering investing in property … Read more

invest in property in mauritius

West 35 is Know House’s new project in the West Coast of Mauritius. The project features a selection of exclusive villas and duplexes in La Mivoie promising the best of today’s modern island lifestyle. Abder Chaman, Property Development Manager at Know House, is sharing with us some key details about this new property development project. … Read more

The Nest Sustainable Residential Design 1

Are you thinking of investing in property in Mauritius? Know House is your trusted property developer in Mauritius, providing you with exclusive beachfront properties across the island. Our most recent project, the Nest, features exclusive apartments and penthouses in Grand Bay with a sustainable residential design. The development will make you experience the best of … Read more

travel ban on south africa

After closing its borders to South Africa due to the spread of a new Covid-19 variant, Mauritius is now happy to announce the lift of the travel ban on South Africa since Friday 07th January 2022. The island is happy to finally welcome South Africans who wish to come to visit. Commercial flights from South … Read more

top 10 countries to visit

The renowned travel guide producers, Lonely Planet, has announced on Friday 29th October 2021 the best countries to visit in 2022. Among all the exclusive destinations, Mauritius ranks third in the top 10 countries to visit in ‘Best in Travel’ list! Since 1973, Lonely Planet is one of the best travel guide experts, always on … Read more

mauritius lifts travel ban on south africa

  Here is the news that South Africa was impatiently waiting for. After a first reopening phase preventing visitors from South Africa from visiting the island, Mauritius is now happy to welcome safely fully vaccinated South African travellers, without them being confined in a designated resort. The news has been announced on Friday 10th of … Read more

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Know House delivered some of the best properties for sale in Mauritius, with over 450 units delivered across the island. We put forward our savoir-faire by providing unique new build properties, each showcasing exclusive features and outstanding design. With a team of experts, we build and deliver long-lasting investment properties that promise a high-quality life. … Read more

  There is something exciting about watching the design process of your property. You get to see it evolve and come to life little by little and you are waiting for one thing: have the keys in hand. In order to carry out the design procedures and finishes just the way you want it, working … Read more

Luxury properties for sale in Mauritius

Thanks to 28 years of experience in the development of exclusive properties in Mauritius, a team of dedicated experts and exclusive services, Know House has delivered more than 450 units across the island. With the end user always in mind throughout our development strategy, it was only right to extend our range of products and … Read more

Live Your Dream Lifestyle At The Nest

Ideally located in the North of Mauritius, The Nest is a high-end property consisting of 12 apartments and 3 exclusive penthouses designed to provide a unique tropical lifestyle. With its breath-taking setting, exciting features and dreamy lagoon, The Nest is the property you need to transform your daily life and experience a contemporary Mauritian living. … Read more