Fractional Ownership For Residency In Mauritius

Fractional Ownership For Residency In Mauritius


As part of the new measures announced in the Mauritius National Budget 2022-2023, foreign investors can now obtain their residency in Mauritius through the fractional ownership policy. To be eligible and apply for one or more permanent residence permit, a few requirements should be met. Learn more about this policy and how it can help you obtain a residency permit in Mauritius. Curious about our most recent project? Check out West 35, our new property development!

What is the Fractional Ownership Policy?

Mauritius’s National Budget 2022-2023 announced a few new measures, one of them being the Fractional Ownership Policy. Foreign investors who wish to invest in Mauritius by purchasing a property can now obtain residency in Mauritius via the Fractional Ownership policy. This policy states that non-citizens can partner with a person of their choice in order to buy a property in Mauritius. The investment made by each party should not be less than USD 375,000 for the property concerned. In return, parents, children and spouses of each partner will be eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit. If you have been longing to experience the islander lifestyle, here is your sign to invest!

Obtain your residency permit via residential property

Should you prefer to acquire a property in Mauritius on your own, you can purchase a residential property that is worth at least USD 375,000 to be able to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. This permit provides a 20-year residency for retirees, investors, professionals, self-employed, and their dependents. It can be renewed for another 20 years as long as you meet the requirements and will remain valid provided that you retain your ownership.

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