Moving To Mauritius: Best Places To Visit In The West

Moving To Mauritius Best Places To Visit In The West


Are you in the process of buying a property or thinking about acquiring one in the West of Mauritius? You made the right decision! This coast of Mauritius is ideal for real estate investment, offering breathtaking nature reserves, historic sites, pearly-while stretches of beach and lush vegetation all around. The setting has so much to offer to residents. If you are considering moving to Mauritius soon, here are some of the best spots for nature outdoor activities in the West. Check out our most recent property for sale in the West!

Black River Gorges National Park

Being the largest protected forest on the island, Black River Gorges National Park is home to acres of rolling hills, picture-perfect waterfalls and beautiful fauna and flora. The setting provides around 60 kilometers of trails for those looking to reconnect with nature. Discover unique endangered bird species, incredible flowers and plants as well as one of Mauritius’ most beautiful waterfalls: the Alexandra Waterfall, accessible while heading to Grand Bassin through Plaine Champagne. Black River Gorges National Park is truly the perfect spot when you need to regain a sense of serenity after a hectic week.

Chamarel Waterfall and Seven-Colored Earth

Located in the South-West coast of Mauritius, Chamarel is known for its sand dunes of seven different colors such as brown, violet, red, purple, yellow, green and blue. The geopark is certainly one to visit with your loved ones. Visit the tortoise park with your children or head to Chamarel Waterfall to get the chance to witness an amazing scenery from the viewpoint. Dive into the Ebony Forest to learn a bit more about the fauna and flora of the region as well as the living species during a guided tour. The geopark is perfect for a weekend outing to fuel up.

Le Morne Brabant

Looking for a hiking fix in the West of the island? Rising 550 meters high, Le Morne’s mountain offers an incredible hiking experience with a mesmerising view when you get to the top.  Le Morne trail provides a real challenge for those looking to push themselves during a 3-to-4-hour hike. Get yourself a guide for the most complete experience where you will get to learn more about the history, fauna and flora of the setting. Once at the top, don’t forget to take some pictures that will make your friends wish to come and live in Mauritius too!

Tamarind Falls

If water soothes you, you have to explore Tamarind Falls. The area nestles a series of 10 waterfalls, some bigger than others with ponds where you can swim. There is really nothing like going into lush nature to wash away the stress. Take a guide with you to go through the various hiking paths. This spot will definitely make you fall in love with the West coast of the island, if you are not already!

Moving to Mauritius soon? Discover the options available for foreigners when expatriating to Mauritius or contact us if you wish to buy a property in the West.