Real Estate Is The Best Long-Term Investment In Mauritius

Real Estate In the Best Long Term Investment


With its ease to do business, Mauritius remains the ideal place to invest in different property schemes.

Why real estate is a good long-term investment in Mauritius?

Mauritius is an ideal place for investment, mainly Real Estate. Since the pandemic, the economy of Mauritius was facing multiple challenges but the real estate economy was not as impacted as the stock market for instance. In fact, this situation was profitable for the real estate market, by making it a valuable asset over time. In Mauritius, real estate offers a very good rental income and gains in capital when you resell assets. This also depends on the region, potential buyers and how you intend to make money out of your assets.

How to promote real estate in Mauritius?

An appropriate scheme to promote real estate investment in Mauritius was introduced in 2016: The PDS (Property Development Scheme). Residential properties included are villas, condominiums and luxury apartments. The PDS replaces the previous schemes such as the RES (Real Estate Scheme) and the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme). Another way to promote real estate investment in Mauritius is by taking advantage of the simple tax regime. Mauritius has signed tax treaties with several countries, including South Africa. In fact, when acquiring a property in Mauritius, the buyer cannot be taxed in Mauritius and South Africa. Furthermore, the Mauritian tax regime does not include the capital gains tax (if the property is resold), property or housing tax, inheritance tax, among others.

Real estate investment in Mauritius is a guarantee of safety

Real estate does not depreciate easily over time but rather appreciates. The need for safety has been growing significantly which increased the demand of home ownership. Compared to the stock market, real estate is not as impacted by fluctuations in the economic health. By means of Mauritian laws and its programs such as the PDS (Property Development Scheme) and the SCS (Smart City Scheme), investments are well regulated.

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