Foreigners Love to Live In Mauritius. Here’s Why

Foreigners Love to Live In Mauritius


In addition to being a splendid touristic attraction, foreigners seek to live in Mauritius for a number of reasons. Here is why Mauritius is one of the most sough-after destinations for expatriation.

Healthcare When Living In Mauritius

Healthcare is a fundamental aspect considered by foreigners when looking to relocate to another country. Luckily, Mauritius has sufficient facilities to meet your needs. There are 5 government-funded hospitals across the island and both local residents and expats are free to have access to medical services. Moreover, there are a number of private clinics with high-quality service. Benefit from expert treatment and healthcare with utmost privacy when registering for a private clinic on the island. You may also consider taking a health insurance in view of lowering your costs.

Banking In Mauritius

Foreigners can easily open a bank account if they are looking to live in Mauritius. For your financial needs, you can choose from either opening a savings or current account for transactions such as withdrawals and online banking. An initial deposit is expected both for personal and business bank account. Only MUR 1000 is required for a personal account and MUR 200,000 for business bank accounts. You will not be out of options since Mauritius has a total of 22 banks. The most popular banks for foreigners living in Mauritius are MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank), SBM (State Bank of Mauritius) Group, Bank One, SBI and Absa.

Educational System in Mauritius

Mauritius is an ideal study destination for both children and adults. Children will not feel left out when coming to live and study in Mauritius since the island’s multiculturalism makes it one of the best destinations for a full-fledged academic course. Adults can also pursue higher studies in numerous institutions across the island and obtain certifications recognized internationally. Mauritius has a diverse range of institutions to meet your needs. Private institutions have a variety of curricula for those looking to study a specific field.

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