Invest In Property In The West or North Of Mauritius

Invest In Property In The West or North Of Mauritius


Thanks to the different schemes set up by the Mauritian Government and managed by the EDB (Economic Development Board), Mauritius offers the opportunity to both foreigners and those wishing to expatriate, to invest in property. Among all the different regions of the island, the West and the North of Mauritius are the most sought-after ones for property investment. Here are some of the reasons why these two regions are often the first choice of home buyers.

An ideal climate for beachfront properties

Both the western and northern coasts of the island are naturally sheltered from heavy winds, making them the perfect settings for expatriates wishing to experience an islander lifestyle. These two parts of Mauritius have been experiencing a major increase in property development demands for a couple of years now. From hotels to exclusive residential projects, the West and the North are most certainly the most popular regions with regard to property acquisition. Are you considering buying a property in one of these regions? You might find your dream home in our current properties for sale.

Modern and developed environments

Even though the two regions differ from one another, they both offer a modern lifestyle to home buyers. With a large scope of nearby amenities, various shops and restaurants, leisure activities, schools, and much more, the North and the West regroup everything you could wish for. Their practical aspect makes them ideal destinations for expatriates.

Paradise for sports enthusiasts

The North and the West of Mauritius are a gem for foreigners who want to stay active. Both provide a wide range of water-sports activities from stand-up boarding, kite surfing, snorkeling and more. In addition to that, the West also offers various land activities such as hiking and rides with spectacular views. The western and northern coasts of Mauritius allow you to escape your daily life routine with thrilling activities.

Move to the North or the West of Mauritius to experience an exciting yet balanced lifestyle! Invest in property now. Contact us for unmatched property acquisition.