Mauritius Lifts Travel Ban For South Africa

mauritius lifts travel ban on south africa



Here is the news that South Africa was impatiently waiting for. After a first reopening phase preventing visitors from South Africa from visiting the island, Mauritius is now happy to welcome safely fully vaccinated South African travellers, without them being confined in a designated resort. The news has been announced on Friday 10th of September 2021 by the Mauritian government who is delighted to reopen the borders after an 18-month travelling ban. Pack your things, stay safe and finally give us a visit!

Travel ban lifted as from the second phase of reopening

During the first phase of opening, travellers had to be confined in a specific resort for a period of 14 days and were given access to facilities included only in the premises of the resort. However, visitors from South Africa have been subject to a travel ban preventing them from having access to the island with the suspension of flights. In the light of the second phase of reopening, fully vaccinated South Africans travellers and international travellers will be able to visit Mauritius without spending 15 days outside the country and authorised commercials flights will be operating again as from October 01st 2021 (flights from Air Mauritius, Comair South Africa, SAA and Fly Safair). Even better, they will be allowed to visit the island freely and stay in the hotel or accommodation of their choice. After being brutally hit by the sanitary situation, Mauritius has created a vaccination program and works towards lowering the number of Covid-19 cases, offering a safe trip and lifestyle to all. The Mauritian government was thrilled to reopen its borders:

‘’ We are delighted that we will be able to restart our long-standing relationship after an 18-month ban on travel. South Africans have been longing for Mauritius they know and love […] Mauritius is ready and we can’t wait to welcome South Africans back to our beautiful country,’’ stated Arvind Bundhun, Director of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. Non-vaccinated can still visit the island but will have to stay in a state-designated facility for a 14-days quarantine.

Why you should consider moving to Mauritius

Many South Africans are considering moving to Mauritius not only for its tropical lifestyle, landscapes and geographical proximity but also for all the benefits that come with it. South Africans moving to Mauritius are subject to a more tax-friendly regime compared to the tax rates of South Africa and are exempted from tax on dividends, capital gains or inheritance/descendants, among others. In terms of overseas businesses operating in the country, they are not subject to any restrictions with regard to profits or dividends thanks to Mauritius’ flexible exchange controls. The Mauritian government has also worked on various schemes which aim to grant occupation or residence permits to foreigners wishing to settle and/or work in the country as well as entrepreneurs wishing to set up their company on the island. Mauritius also provides attractive real estate schemes to those who are really committed to acquire a property and make a long-lasting investment. The island is full of opportunities and promises a quality lifestyle.


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