What Is The Property Development Process?

property development process


You wish to invest in a property development project, but you want to have some knowledge of the process first? Worry no more as this article will give you a peek at the processes behind our property developments! There is a lot going on during the development of a property and it’s certainly not a short thing you can learn overnight. However, you can learn the basics of each stage to get a better understanding of what happened before the delivery of your property. Continue reading to learn more about this emerging trend and how we proceed as property developers.

The pre-development stage

To make sure that everything is settled before starting the development, we take the time to do our research and take care of all the permits required. To put it simply, it’s all the work you have to get done before beginning the construction. At this stage, we as property developers, make sure to select the best land possible for you during the land acquisition. Marketplace research and analysis of the regulatory landscape and environmental factors are necessary to evaluate the feasibility of the project. We also make sure to gather all the documents needed for the smooth running of the property’s development such as site plans. The pre-development process duration varies from project to project and is absolutely necessary for the well-being of any development to ensure a long-term financial investment to our buyers.

The pre-construction stage

Once the research is done and the feasibility studied, we can begin to prepare for the construction of the project. For that, the land acquisition process should be finalised and any approvals needed from the government should be received. Builders and construction workers meet to discuss the project. Our team is composed of skilled architects and project managers that will design, manage and supervise the property. As property developers, this stage is crucial as it enables us to mitigate the risks during the construction and provide a solution.

The construction phase

This particular step of the process is perhaps the most exciting one for you as a buyer but also for us as we get to finally give life to the project. Our goal here is to build and design your property in a timely manner but also make sure that it aligns with the defined budget. Our team working on the construction makes sure that the project’s timing is on point, that every designed component is included, and also that every technical aspect works.

The project’s completion

Before selling our properties, it is important for us to inspect them in order to make sure that all components are there and completed. We can finally showcase our properties to interested buyers who wish to make a worthwhile investment in prime locations in Mauritius.

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