Top Real Estate Development Myths

real estate development myths


Just like many things in life, real estate development has its fair share of myths and some people tend to underestimate or overestimate the subject. When investing in a property, it is totally understandable (and recommendable) to do your own personal research and acquire some basic knowledge. However,  you can also come across multiple false perceptions about real estate development that give you a bad interpretation of what it actually consists of. We have gathered some of the most common real estate development myths that you should steer clear of.

1 – ‘’To invest in real estate, you must be rich.’’

There is this persisting perception that, if you happened to own or buy a property, then you must be rich. Many people think that it is not possible for someone to invest in a property if they are not economically rich and who knows, maybe you may have thought like them. This might be one of the most popular myths associated with real estate. Nowadays, there are so many possibilities and opportunities that allow you to invest in a home. Whether you want to take home loans or ask for any other financial institutions to assist you in your property acquisition journey, it is totally possible for you to invest in real estate without having to be a millionaire.

2- ‘’Real estate always comes with high risks.’’

Now, it is no surprise for anyone that investments may include some risks but no investment comes with none. That is why property development experts proceed to an in-depth analysis of every property project before the construction so as to spot any potential risk. The real estate market is much less risky than some other markets such as the stock market, which is known to be very unstable. Investing in property actually gives you the peace of mind to get a place for yourself in which you can live without having to worry about how the market is going.

3- “Price matters more than the brand name in property investment’’

If you are thinking about investing in a property and are only considering prices, then you are missing out. Being accompanied by a renowned property development company or buying a property from them has many advantages. Their solid portfolio helps in demonstrating their trustworthiness, punctuality, and quality of work. Choosing to pay less while being accompanied by a shaky builder can result in some serious problems later on.

4 – “Real estate development is child’s play.’’

Some people think that real estate development is easy work where professional developers are throwing a big amount of money here and there and waiting for the magic to happen. The thing is, you don’t know how much work property developers do until you actually get in there. There are so many aspects included in property development, every one as important as the other, which require them to be deeply involved in each stage of the process to evaluate the property and its worth.

5 – ‘’Real estate development is a linear work.’’

Picking a land, building the property, and waiting for the rewards. It is as simple as that, right? Well, this is so far from reality. This myth goes in pair with the previous one as real estate development is not a one-way simple process. There are so many modifications that can happen or unfortunate events appearing all along, not to mention that the development itself consists of so many steps. Property developers are true masterminds that evaluate all the potential risks and obstacles associated with a property to be able to provide well-thought-of solutions for the well-being of the project.

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