Know House Design Thinking Process For Properties



There is something exciting about watching the design process of your property. You get to see it evolve and come to life little by little and you are waiting for one thing: have the keys in hand. In order to carry out the design procedures and finishes just the way you want it, working with experienced professional experts is key. With a skilled and dedicated team of designers and architects, Know House works on every design aspect of your property to reach your utmost expectations.

A carefully thought-out process

Before getting straight to the land buying, it is crucial for you to get a first plan drawing of the project. This not only helps to have a clearer vision of the property and what is included, but it also helps in making sure that the design is in cohesion with technical specifications, in the case where you wish to buy residential land. Your project also needs to abide by the laws with regard to the percentage of occupancy of the area whether it being residential, on lease, agricultural, etc.  Our in-house designers make sure to provide you with a clear drawing of your project while making sure that the design respects the specifications in every way. As soon as your project is considered viable and profitable, they make sure that the design process continues to run smoothly by sharing the site plans with our architects, who have been chosen not only for their savoir-faire but also for their notoriety and excellent work.

Our will to create state-of-the-art properties

Know Houses’ projects are thought-out and developed according to their unique concepts. As we cover a wide scope of types of properties across Mauritius, we make sure to think of all possibilities that could make them stand out and shine amidst other properties on the market. For instance, when developing our beachfront projects, the possibility of short-term rental is important for customers wishing to rent their property. In that case, we make sure to respect every building criteria defined by the authorities in order for our future owners to obtain their rent permit without any inconvenience.

As for our grounded projects such as duplexes and villas, our architects are once again key players. With their open and creative mind, they create unique concepts with properties that are as welcoming as they are modern by bringing comfort to another level and optimising space for indoor or outdoor living.

Thanks to our 28 years of experience in the creation of exclusive properties across the island, we managed to extend our range of services and enhance them with each property we get to work with. Our collaboration with the best designers and architects in the market helps us in delivering a smooth-running design process with an exclusive final result.

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