How Is It To Retire In Mauritius As A Foreigner?

Mauritius An Ideal Destination For Retirement Of Non Citizens


We can all agree on the fact that retirement should be a relaxing and stress-free period where we can truly enjoy every second of our life. What better than Mauritius to offer you the calm lifestyle you have been longing for? Not only is the island known for its idyllic weather and breathtaking beaches worthy of a postcard but it also comes with some interesting benefits to consider if you wish to retire there. Here’s why you should consider retiring in Mauritius as a non-citizen.

Great living conditions with many opportunities

In addition to the paradisiac landscapes and tropical experience, Mauritius offers retired non-citizens many benefits whether it being the tax system or the different schemes that were set in order to provide more opportunities to foreigners. In fact, the government worked on different schemes to help non-citizens to invest in luxury properties in Mauritius. Thanks to these schemes you can also have the chance to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit in order for you to live the tropical lifestyle you wanted. Learn more about the island’s various schemes by reading our article on Property Development Schemes.

A comprehensive health system

When you retire it is also very important for you to be informed of the health care system of the country you want to settle in. Mauritius benefits from both public and private healthcare. Public ones are free in contrary to private ones but they are all very accessible everywhere on the island. With the evolution of the health sector in Mauritius, private clinics provide high-quality equipment if you need specific needs. Its privileged relationship with India, Reunion Island and even South Africa allows a retired non-citizen to travel easily abroad in the need of special treatment or urgent operations. Our tip: make sure to get insurance coverage before settling in Mauritius in order to back you up for all your cares.

A rich setting

Mauritius is also known for its diversity in terms of traditions and cultures allowing both foreigners and citizens to have an enriched lifestyle. From the different cultural events to the discovery of the island’s food specialties, Mauritius is perfect for retired non-citizen in order to get to know an authentic way of living. You will have plenty of opportunities and spots to visit in order to make your retired life enjoyable and exciting.

Get a residence permit

Do you want to live a tropical lifestyle as a foreign pensioner of 50 years and above? It is possible for you to come live in Mauritius by applying for a Residence Permit. To get it, you will be asked to provide necessary documents such as the Registration Form or the processing fee amongst others and make an initial transfer of USD 2,500 to a bank in Mauritius. Your Residence Permit as a retired-citizen will be valid for 10 years. In the case where you have been holding a Residence Permit for 3 years, you will then be eligible for the application of a 20-Year Permanent Residence Permit. Your Mauritian bank account should hold at least USD 40,000 per year during those three years.

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