Our Luxury Properties For Sale In Mauritius

Luxury properties for sale in Mauritius


Thanks to 28 years of experience in the development of exclusive properties in Mauritius, a team of dedicated experts and exclusive services, Know House has delivered more than 450 units across the island. With the end user always in mind throughout our development strategy, it was only right to extend our range of products and services in order to reach the requirements of all our clients. With the help of our sister companies, DLB Construction and Nextep Home Solution, we managed to provide a comprehensive scope of services in order to better serve our clients and deliver unique properties on the market. Here’s why you should approach us if you are looking for luxury properties for sale in Mauritius.

A collaboration home to many opportunities

Our collaboration with our sister companies on our development projects was the key to their success. With DLB Construction managing the construction process and Nextep Home Solution focusing on the procurement and installation of interior finishes, many opportunities were offered to us. Their close relationship with known European and Asian suppliers allowed us to get a wider selection of products to propose to our clients when developing their projects. In addition to that, these experts give us helpful advice in order for us to select home items that adhere to the overall concepts of our client’s properties. These advice are precious to us to better guide them through each step of the development process.

Exclusive services make unique projects

We don’t want our clients to choose between price and quality. Thanks to our sister companies, we are able to lower the cost while still providing high-quality products for the best results. This way, we can provide products in coherence with our client’s budget. When developing your dream project, you want to be able to personalise it to your liking and our sister companies help us to do just that! DLB Construction and Nextep Home Solution help us in offering a variety of products and services for you to bring your personal taste to the project. Finally, because we care deeply about your projects from start to finish, our partnership permits us to have a better follow-up of each level of the construction process and ensure timely deliveries while always keeping an eye on the services’ quality.

We, as a team, remain at our clients’ sides and carefully manage all the development aspects of their projects from the construction to the finishes for the safe delivery of their exclusive properties.

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