Visiting Mauritius Island As A Foreigner

Discover Mauritius island


What makes Mauritius an ideal destination

Nestled between Asia and Africa, Mauritius is an independent state known for its magnificent landscapes, crystal blue water and white-sand beaches. Other than being the ideal vacation spot, the island geographical location plays a major role in the business sector by making Mauritius an important investment hub.

A weather that matches the business climate

It is no secret that Mauritius’ weather is one of the many reasons that makes the destination attractive. With a very warm summer and a relatively cool winter, the island is enjoyable all year round. To match the favourable weather, the business sector is also very promising. In fact, Mauritius’ business-friendly environment provides many investment opportunities for investors or professionals. The destination always aligns with international standards by abiding to the law and places itself as a secure investment location. Mauritius also offers a range of schemes consisting of many benefits for non-citizens, citizens and members of the Mauritian Diaspora. 

A diversified culinary culture

The influence of the geographical location of the island is felt through the cuisine. From Indian, Thai, French, Chinese and Creole cuisines, the island is rich in flavours and tastes. Food is an adventure that deserves to be lived and Mauritius offers you just that. Whether you are headed to lunch with your colleagues or friends, to a business meeting, or a chic diner, you will have plenty of opportunities to taste the diversity of the culinary culture at every corner of the island. One thing is for sure, you will need more than a few weeks to discover what Mauritius has to offer, so might as well take advantage of the PDS Scheme!

One-of-a-kind cultural experience

From British, French, Indian, Malagasy, Africans, Chinese and more, Mauritius regroups people from all over the world for a unique cultural experience. There is so much more to the destination than the beautiful beaches and sunny weather. The richness of Mauritius culture is felt through the music, traditional celebrations, local crafts and religion: a mix of traditions that brings people together no matter where you come from.

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