Know House, Your Property Developers In Mauritius

Know House The expert in property development


At Know House, we strive to create exciting exclusive property developments for a profitable investment. If you have been envisioning your perfect property and are looking to bring it to life, Know House is the expert you need for your development success.

With our position as leader in the market of beachfront properties and expert in residential property development, we strive to build high-end properties that fit your vision and requirements. Our wide scope of services permits a better management of your property process starting from land acquisition, design management, marketing, construction to the delivery of your dream project.

A team of property development experts at your service

Now, we are aware that managing a property development might seem like a challenge and you might not know the exact steps to follow. That is why we put at your disposal our trio of real estate experts for an all-inclusive service and a continuous accompaniment. All your projects will be carefully managed by three entities of the group, each one having a specific role to play in the creation process: Know House managing and promoting the property, DLB Construction ensuring the smooth running of the project realisation and Nextep Home Solution, bringing the final touches that will make your project spark. Our team will make sure to create a unique and stress-free buying experience through an unparalleled service, from the construction all the way to the interior design and décor.

Why choose Know House?

Although having been created in 2016, Know House managed to stood out with its unmatched service and level of experience acquired whilst working side by side with DLB Construction, a reputable construction enterprise present for 25 years in the real estate market in Mauritius. The entity’s service excellence results from its dedicated partners such as engineers, architects and designers all vowing to provide the best service. No need for you to worry further more about the stages of off-plan purchase as Know House caters for all your needs and accompanies you during the process, whether it being for the project choice, special recommendations or advices on financing methods. This all-inclusive offer provides you an insured price with included agency and notary fees in addition to the entire development of your property for an effortless acquisition.

At Know House, we constantly think out of the box in order to provide long-lasting investment projects to our clients for a unique property development experience.

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