Mauritius New Premium Visa For Non-Citizens

Opt For Mauritius Premium Visa For An Safe Exotic Lifestyle


Do you want to live your dream life in a breathtaking setting with state-of-the-art infrastructure while still being able to work in a safe environment? Mauritius is the perfect place for you! The island has now put in place a premium visa of one year and renewable, allowing foreigners to come to Mauritius to live and work in a safe tropical lifestyle. The island constantly works on security measures in order to keep the destination as safe as possible and it shows, with only very few cases and one of the lowest morbidity rates in the world. For foreigners around the world, Mauritius is the perfect destination to experience a peaceful lifestyle.  Get to know more about Mauritius’ premium visa and its impact on different sectors of the island.

The premium visa conditions

Introduced on Friday 23 October 2020, the premium visa aims to attract more and more long-stay visitors. In order for foreigners to get the visa, they must provide all the required documents confirming their long-stay plan as well as proof of sufficient funds and medical insurance for their whole stay. Tourists, retirees, or professionals with their families can be eligible for the premium visa if they wish to work remotely on the island.

Some conditions have to be respected in order to guarantee your eligibility:

  • The individual should not enter the Mauritius labor market
  • The applicant’s main source of finance and profit should be taking place outside Mauritius
  • Necessary documents such as the purpose of visit, accommodation, medical insurance should be provided
  • The applicant should meet any other basic immigration requirements to support the application

A boost for the tourism industry

After the inconveniences caused by the pandemic, the premium visa is a great way to put forward and support the tourism industry in Mauritius. By doing so, individuals working in the tourism sector can work on new packages in order to attract as many visitors as possible. Come work in a safe environment to get away from the stress and uncertainty of the moment. The premium visa will allow foreigners to enjoy their new tropical lifestyle whilst working remotely in a peaceful setting. In addition to that, Mauritius also offers other opportunities such as property investment to add more luxury to your everyday life.

Property investment opportunities

Over the year, Mauritius provided a wide range of exclusive properties, spread all across the island. Opportunities are lining up for foreigners whether they want to invest in residential or beachfront properties, the island constantly works in crafting unique property concepts. With the premium visa, you have all the time you need to go discover the properties and spot the right one. Beachfront properties are also available for rent in case it is not the right moment for you to get fully invested in buying a new property.

With its years of expertise in property development, Know House helps you find the best properties according to your special needs and accompany you throughout the buying process. By offering political stability and being an investor-friendly destination, Mauritius is the ideal spot for property investment.

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