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property services in mauritius


With 28 years of experience in the property development sector, Know House has delivered over 450 units across Mauritius. The key to our success is not only the strength of our skilled and diverse team of experts but also our will to provide unique services for each of our clients. When creating your properties, we remain attentive to every detail and your requirements for a successful result and an authentic experience all along. Learn more about Know House’s tailor-made services and how they help in the creation of exclusive properties.

We define your needs

Before starting the property development process, you might have had already in mind the purpose for which you wish to invest in. Whether you want to get a long-lasting source of income, own your first holiday house, build the home of your dreams, or plan your future retirement settlement, it is important to us to better understand what you are looking for. Our team of experts has a listening ear and the attention to detail you need to find the property that best suits you. To help us better concretise your plan, we have set up a survey for you to share your project ideas.

We put our knowledge at your service

You only want the best for your property development, and so do we. Our team of developers has all the necessary knowledge of the local market to guide you toward the right choice. We work on the creation of unique properties located in prime areas across Mauritius. Their location offers a wide range of facilities and activities to our customers for a stress-free and all-inclusive lifestyle. According to your preferences with regard to the setting, neighborhood, and quality of life expected, we provide you with the best property for you and your family.

Tailored services for valuable properties

Investing in property development can be a real springboard to your overall finances if done well. That is why Know House works in the elaboration of custom-made services for all our clients to better reach their expectations. Our expertise in the market of property development allowed us to perfect our property management strategies to create projects that fit the requirements of our clients. We provide you with properties that are not only exclusive but are also an important source of investment over time.  

When investing in a property, having a team of experts by your side is a real game-changer. We put at your disposal a diverse team of professionals from builders to architects and share precious advice to better reach your investment goal. Our professionals will help you along the way to make sure that everything goes to plan.

Looking for a skilled team to help you with your property investment plan? Our team is there to accompany you throughout the process. Learn more about Know House expert service.