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properties for sale in mauritius


Know House delivered some of the best properties for sale in Mauritius, with over 450 units delivered across the island. We put forward our savoir-faire by providing unique new build properties, each showcasing exclusive features and outstanding design. With a team of experts, we build and deliver long-lasting investment properties that promise a high-quality life. Thanks to our range of services, we can better serve you and create inclusive property developments. To better understand the exclusivity of our projects and why they are selling fast, learn more about some of our most recent developments.

A one-of-a-kind experience at Nautilya

Nestled in an intimate residential area in Pointe aux Canonniers, Nautilya offers an ultimate tropical experience and already won the heart of many as all units are already sold. The complex was accessible to foreigners and consists of 10 exclusive apartments, giving a feeling of unmatched comfort and utmost practicality that instantly washes off any stress. For those who have been craving to live by the sea, the property offered them just that by being only 3 minutes’ walk to the beach with a breath-taking sea view from the upper units. As a main residence or a holiday getaway, Nautilya was a compelling investment for many of our dear clients.

Find your haven of peace with Eastern Blue

Soon to be delivered in August 2021 and found in the wild and quiet setting of Poste Lafayette, Eastern Blue provides you with the beachfront apartments of your dreams. The project will feature a total of 24 apartments as well as exclusive features such as two common pools, club cars, or a security system for a complete and serene lifestyle. The complex location was carefully thought-out so as to provide proximity to tail tracks or historical sites for adventure lovers, but is also close to the region’s beach and sea for those who enjoy relaxing. This property development is perfect for Mauritians who wish to invest in a peaceful lifestyle or those who wish to benefit from renting.

A unique coastal way of living with West 17 and West 24

We are excited for you to discover our new build developments West 17 and West 24. Currently, in construction, these residential properties will offer you the coastal lifestyle you deserve. The complexes will feature elegant PDS duplexes especially designed for both Mauritians and foreigners. Each duplex will be as modern as they are functional with personalised kitchen options and conserving your privacy with a private garden and pool, perfect for families. West 17 and West 24 provide you with the best value for money, allowing you to benefit from exclusive features and the facilities of Cap Tamarin Smart City.

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