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invest in property in mauritius


West 35 is Know House’s new project in the West Coast of Mauritius. The project features a selection of exclusive villas and duplexes in La Mivoie promising the best of today’s modern island lifestyle. Abder Chaman, Property Development Manager at Know House, is sharing with us some key details about this new property development project. Want to invest in unique properties? Stay tuned for new projects coming on our projects page!



West 35 is the third of a series of residential developments by Know House, namely West 17 and West 24. Tell us how West 35 brings an added value to the property market?

There would be three key aspects to highlight:

1-The property is ideally located near all amenities along the main coastal road.

2-It is a great investment for both local and foreigners with a great Return on Investment

3-West 35 showcases high quality finishes visible in its Italian Kitchens, the alfresco outdoor areas and more.



West 35 is undeniably an exclusive property with unique key features, but are there any other additional aspects to the project that makes it an outstanding investment property? On behalf of all readers interested in investing in property in Mauritius, tell us the reasons why they should make this investment move.

To be in line with West 18 and West 24, which were absolute hits with our clients, we wanted to continue proposing similar duplexes with additional improvements. The design and the environment have been upgraded to new heights. West 35 is the perfect project for clients who have been requesting an option on West 18 and West 24. We wanted the new duplexes to be relaxed, practical, comfortable with a modern, functional and aesthetically pleasant architecture. The minimalist approach in the features and the interiors brings coherence to the new orders of architecture around the world.

The exposed and clean concrete gives a lighter and more open interpretation. The constructive technology allows the usage of big openings, a wide-open floor plan and the hovering of the upper mass into the open view.


With the success of West 17 and West 24 leading to the creation of West 35, we feel that the West Coast of Mauritius has something unique to offer to property buyers. In the eyes of an expert in property development in Mauritius, what makes the West of the island a prime location?

Black River is an exciting region and one of the prime spots in the Mauritian property market. Known for its wild nature, breath-taking sunsets and dreamy beaches, Tamarin is home to many residential properties and luxury hotels. Not to mention that the first Integrated Resort Scheme project was created in Tamarin! The region is one to consider for your property search if you wish to buy a property on the island.


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