Open A Bank Account In Mauritius As A Foreigner

Whether you are thinking to come live in Mauritius, or you wish to buy or invest in a property, opening a bank account is necessary for you, be it to manage your finances or to be able to proceed with foreign purchases. As a non-citizen, you can open a bank account in Mauritius for your … Read more

work in mauritius as a foreigner

Have you planned to come work and live in Mauritius soon? In addition to its dreamy tropical weather, the island is home to a wide scope of opportunities for foreign workers seeking a job. Are you a professional, an investor or self-employed? Discover how to apply for different permits in Mauritius that will allow you … Read more

expatriating in mauritius

In recent years, Mauritius has expanded its policy of openness by welcoming foreigners who wish to work, live or retire on the island. Expatriating to Mauritius provides a lot of benefits to those thinking to settle in a pleasant and fruitful environment. With a laid-back lifestyle, a wide variety of facilities, great schools and healthcare, … Read more

property development mauritius-nautilya

Nestled in the prime location of Grand Bay, Nautilya is one of Know House’s completed development projects in Mauritius. This investment property was perfect for homeowners who were looking for a holiday or main residence in the North of the island. Featuring exclusive apartment features, modern residential interior design and well-thought-out outdoor areas, Nautilya is … Read more

Mauritius International Schools 2

Thinking of moving to Mauritius with your family? If you are wondering which school to consider for your children, this article covers some of Mauritius International Schools for expats. From nursery, primary and secondary schools, the island offers various international and bilingual schools for your children to prepare for the International Baccalaureate or any other … Read more

A Modern Residential Home Design With West 24 (3)

Located in Tamarin, West 24 is one of Know House’s exclusive property developments with a modern residential home design. The project’s units were specially designed to bring comfort, elegance and serenity to buyers. To learn more about West 24, Mr. Ashvin Rambhujun, Architect and Lead Consultant at Know House, will enlighten us on the project’s … Read more

Retiring In Mauritius As A Foreigner (1)

Are you looking for the ideal place to retire? A place where you can be disconnected from all the noise elsewhere and enjoy your retirement to the fullest? Mauritius will not disappoint. As Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”. Moreover, Mauritius is a perfect … Read more

Buy Property In Mauritius

For over 10 years now, Mauritius has become one of the top destinations for property investment opportunities. Thanks to the different schemes such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), or the Smart City Scheme, many residential properties have emerged as well as a variety of … Read more

buying property in mauritius

Mauritius is part of the top destinations for foreigners who wish to come and live, work or retire. This does not come as a surprise as the island offers not only a perfect island life, but also provides a wide range of opportunities with the different schemes that have been set up. Not to mention … Read more

buy property in mauritius

If living in Mauritius has always been a dream of yours, so is buying a property too. The Mauritian government has worked continuously towards a more liberal property market to ease the acquisition of residential properties to non-citizens who wish to buy a property in Mauritius. Different schemes were implemented and approved by the Economic … Read more