What Is The Property Development Scheme (PDS)

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Mauritius is indeed a beautiful holiday destination, known for its dreamy white-sand beaches and crystal-clear blue lagoon, but not only. In fact, the island provides interesting investment possibilities for investors and non-citizens permitting them to acquire exclusive luxurious properties in Mauritius. Learn more about this special scheme’s features and the conditions in order to buy PDS properties.

What is the PDS program?

The Property Development Scheme is an integrated project replacing the IRS and RES schemes open to non-citizens, citizens, foundations, trusts, companies incorporated in Mauritius and the Mauritian Diaspora. This scheme allows them to invest in residences of over $500,000 in the island which plays in working towards sustainable real estate property developments. The program focuses on the importance of the environment respect, thus is subject to strict controls to abide to ecological standards. PDS has also a social dimension which consists of upholding communities via social contribution.

The benefits of gaining a PDS residence

Apartments, penthouses or villas under the PDS scheme have integrated services and amenities for the well-being of the properties. From security and household services, waste disposal, gardening to maintenance services, all is put into place in order to protect and look after your luxurious units. By being a resident, you also have access to high-end leisure and facilities, enhancing the resident units. The scheme provides a minimum of 6 top-end residential units on at least 0.4220 hectares. Buyers and promoters benefit from the exemption of a number of local taxes. The Property Development Scheme is regulated by the Board of Investment which accompanies investors through the acquisition process of properties.

What are the conditions?

Here are the terms and conditions that the PDS scheme provides for:

  • The scheme provides the development of luxurious residential properties on freehold hand of a minimum of 0.4220 hectare (1 arpent) can should not exceed 21.1025 hectares (50 arpents).
  • The development of a minimum of 6 top-end residential properties.
  • Public spaces in order to promote social interaction and enhance the sense of community
  • Top-class leisure activities as well as facilities and amenities that should put forward the residential properties
  • Continuous maintenance and security services which also includes gardening, solid waste disposal and household services.
  • Social contribution that should contribute to the community.

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