5 reasons To Invest In Property In Mauritius

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mauritius


Mauritius has not only charmed visitors with its paradisiac setting but has also managed to build a strong reputation as an investment hub in terms of ethical, economic and political stability among others. As the Finance sector plays a major role in the island well-being, Mauritius engages in providing a range of financial services in order to enhance its financial products. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in Mauritius and the advantages that come with it.

Attractive fiscal regime

The island has set up a low tax jurisdiction in order to encourage local and foreign companies to better integrate their businesses such as:

  • No inheritance tax
  • 80% of tax credits for offshore companies
  • 15% personal and company profits tax rate
  • 15% Value-added tax (refundable)
  • Tax-free dividends
  • No capital gains tax
  • No customs duties or VAT on equipment
  • Free repatriation of profits, capital and dividends

Political and economic stability

Mauritius benefits from a political stability since its independence in 1968. Its parliamentary democracy includes a multi-party system that is elected every five years. The island highly estimates the importance of the implementation of best practices and the respect of norms that managed to ensure the island’s stability over the past decades. All successive governments have shown strong commitment which has helped in maintaining a flourishing economy for companies wishing to implement their business.

A home to many investment opportunities

With its ideal geographical position between Asia and Africa and its convenient time-zone, Mauritius has become an important financial hub. The island provides a safe business environment for professionals and investors, aligning with the international standards through a recognized rule of law. Mauritius is constantly growing stronger with the help of various services sectors such as financial services, tourism, ICT, the real estate and the retail trade. A series of tax-free schemes are also available with the opportunity to get expert advices from specialized agencies.

Qualified workforce

Mauritius workforce consists of qualified professionals all coming from different backgrounds (accountants, lawyers, engineers, consultants and much more) as well as young educated individuals showing different skills. Mauritians both speak English and French as well as a third language for some and the country literacy rate exceeds 80%.  The workforce is majorly composed of young individuals with a great will to learn and showing open-mindedness.

Access to big markets

With time, the island built a strong relationship with powerful markets over the world which has granted it a preferential access. From Europe to Eastern and Southern Asia, Mauritius constantly works on new partnership to grow economically. The goal is to promote the country as a regional hub for distribution, marketing and logistics among others for the Eastern and Southern Asia as well as the Indian Ocean rim.

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