How To Buy A Property In Mauritius

Invest In Luxury Property In Mauritius All You Need To Know


Buy a property in Mauritius as a foreigner


When thinking about Mauritius, we immediately picture the turquoise lagoon, white-sand beaches and sunny weather.  On the other hand, the island is also an investment-friendly destination for foreigners who wish to buy luxury properties in Mauritius. In a very competitive real estate market, Mauritius has managed to stand out by offering interesting benefits to buyers. Here’s why you should invest in luxury property in Mauritius.

A warm and inviting country

The country’s landscapes and warm welcome contribute to Mauritius’ attractiveness. Moreover, the island offers political and economic stability as well as privileged connections with powerful markets around the world, which makes Mauritius an interesting destination for foreigners and investors. Moreover, the island just released a Premium Visa, allowing foreigners to get a renewable one-year residence permit. For foreigners, this visa is a great opportunity to look for exclusive properties in Mauritius and discover the authentic tropical way of living. Adding to the welcoming aspect of the country, the cost of living is quite low compared to other countries.

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Unique real estate opportunities

Mauritius counts a number of unique luxurious properties which come with attractive prices and exclusive features. These properties represent great long-lasting investment opportunities for buyers. Whether you are looking for a property overlooking the sea or amidst lush nature or properties with unique integrated features such as a gym, private pools and golf courses or security system, Mauritius offers a range of unique beachfront or residential properties that are perfect to revamp your lifestyle and create a long-term investment.

An attractive and safe tax system

In order to engage investors in buying properties on the island, the government has settled special frameworks. These include tax advantages and special schemes (such as the PDS Scheme) in order to facilitate property buying for non-citizens, expatriates and foreigners. This open-plan property market facilitates the process for foreigners while also offering them an attractive tax system. In the case where buyers wish to buy a luxury property off-plan, you will be under to protection of the Mauritian Civil Code in order to assure that all steps of the buying process are being respected for stress-free property acquisition.

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