Property Developer In Mauritius

property developers in mauritius


For more than 28 years, Know House has been your trusted property developer in Mauritius, delivering over 450 real estate developments. As the leader in the market of beachfront properties in Mauritius, we strive to become your residential property development expert. Thinking of buying a property in Mauritius soon? Know House is the property developer you need for successful property projects.

Delivering exclusive projects for 28 years

Over the years, we strived to think outside the box for state-of-the-art projects that add unmatched value to the market. Our experience grew significantly which allowed us to expand our creativity and savoir-faire to better serve our clients. Get guided by our qualified property professionals from project managers, designers, and more.

Responsive after-sales service

When you buy a property with Know House, we provide you with personalised counseling, guarantees up to 10 years, and responsive after-sales service. We go over and beyond in order to make sure that your purchase experience was at the height of your expectations. This in return, allows us to keep an eye on our service standard.

A wide scope of services

Working side by side with DLB Construction and Nextep Home Solutions helped us in widening our range of services for our clients . From construction to property acquisition all the way to interior finishes, we help you reach your property goals.

Tools to ease your investment research

Be accompanied by the best property developer in Mauritius. To help you out in your investment plan, we put at your disposal loan and ROI calculators for you to have a clearer picture of your budget. Our team and partners will provide you with the best tips and strategies for the well-being of property development projects. Discover our tools and advice.