A Modern Residential Home Design With West 24

A Modern Residential Home Design With West 24 (3)


Located in Tamarin, West 24 is one of Know House’s exclusive property developments with a modern residential home design. The project’s units were specially designed to bring comfort, elegance and serenity to buyers. To learn more about West 24, Mr. Ashvin Rambhujun, Architect and Lead Consultant at Know House, will enlighten us on the project’s architecture concept and design. Check out our projects page to discover our properties for sale or contact us for further information on our services.

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  1. West 24 is one of Know House’s exclusive property development projects on the western coast of Mauritius, featuring 24 three-bedroom semi-attached duplexes aiming to provide optimum comfort and elegance. Can you enlighten us on the project’s architecture concept?


‘’West 24 is a new concept that KnowHouse wanted to bring along. Each unit is specifically located on the site to enjoy the views offered by the surroundings while enjoying the privacy and comfort of an individual house. We wanted to give to the users the indoor-outdoor experience by providing very comfortable terraces giving on lush gardens, large enough to fit dipping pools. Modern and minimalist architecture has been opted for the units to ensure the building fits adequately in the serene and beautiful surroundings. The landscape has been carefully thought out so as to enhance the surrounding nature and to create a natural setting for the buildings.’’


  1. One of the emerging architecture and design trends for a modern residential home design is to bring the outdoors in by the use of natural materials, an earthy and neutral colour palette, creating spacious rooms among others. How does West 24 follows this trend?


‘’As mentioned earlier, West 24 units have been designed with the idea of encouraging the users to the indoor-outdoor experience through the large covered terraces and garden spaces. The structure of the terraces has been precisely made with timber to remind the natural feel to the project. The openings have been designed not only to allow maximum natural light within the building while increasing its sense of space but also to allow the buyers to enjoy the natural surroundings to the fullest. The choice of colour and materials used in and out of the building was meant to bring back those earthy and neutral features of the architecture we want to promote in our projects.’’

A Modern Residential Home Design With West 24


  1. As a real estate development, West 24 comes with a unique property amenities list that brings it additional value. Could you explain to our readers why this project is an ideal investment property?


‘’First of all, West 24’s site is extremely well located, giving the owners incredible privacy as well as a very enjoyable view of Tamarin while being close to commercial spaces.

The project is a mix of subtility and modernity, offering the owners an intemporal dwelling unit that will keep on appreciating with time.

Not to mention, that the project has some sustainability features that cannot be ignored such as:

  1. The buildings have been designed to allow for maximum cross ventilation which reduces the use of AC within the rooms.
  2. A Sewage Treatment plant has been implemented in the project which helps treat and reuse greywater within the project.
  3. The internal walls are in Gypsum board, rockwool and MP75 which provide amazing thermal and acoustic properties to the units.
  4. The large landscaped areas of the site allow for an ecosystem to be installed.


Each unit has very interesting internal and external spaces and each duplex has 2 parking spaces.’’


  1. Nothing beats the feeling of being at home. Know House aims to provide a comforting experience to all buyers with the option of personalising their property to their liking. Tell us more about the deco pack option.


‘’KnowHouse has hands-on experience in delivering the best possible interiors to the buyers by providing a special touch and a personalised feel to each buyer. The owners are allowed to choose among the best products on the market selected by Nextep with the help of a talented and dedicated team of Interior Designers always looking for the latest trends. The buyers are thoroughly assisted and their satisfaction is Know House’s ultimate priority.’’


  1. In a few words, summarize what makes West 24 residential design unique.


‘’The design and technical aspect of West 24 as a project has been thoroughly discussed, but what also makes this project unique is a dedicated team of experienced consultants, suppliers and constructors giving their best to deliver the best possible product to the buyers. The design of the project has been carefully thought of in all aspects, be it for the master planning, architecture, sustainability or interior design. The materials used within the project are of utmost quality and the experience and reputation of KnowHouse in the property development market can only comfort the buyers in their choice of putting their trust in this project.’’

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