The Successful Property Development Checklist You Need

5 rules for property development success cover


During the past few years, property development has really taken off. Nowadays making profit is becoming more challenging as margins are becoming thinner and thinner. As an investor, your primary goal should be to get into property development in order to increase your capital growth. Now having a property of your own sounds like a dream and you are probably picturing the perfect land or the view you would like to have right now. Property development can be a lot of fun once you step into it but you can’t go blindfolded. Behind each successful property resides a well-thought-out plan, strategy and budget to make sure that your project follows the right path, all along the process. Here are 5 rules to follow in order to take your property development to success.

Manage your budget

When in the process of building your property development, you might be tempted to add details that were not initially planned in the initial development process. If you let yourself get carried away, you can easily forget about the budget you had planned from the beginning, thus resulting in a never-ending spiral of unnecessary expenses that will be harmful to your project’s well-being. To avoid this, make sure to be on the same page with your property development representative or contractor with regard to a fixed-price for the building and design of your property. And, most importantly, stay realistic.

Get an experienced team working on your project

In order to get a property development at the heights of your expectations, you will need the right team of people on it. It is important for you to appoint experienced and trustworthy professionals, even if that means getting a bit more money out of your pockets. Trust us, you don’t want to save your money just for the sake of it by risking your project prosperity by getting an unreliable team. From architects, builders, project managers to finance managers, they all play a major part in the realisation of your project development.

Spot the right development site

Your land location will be crucial to get the best investment out of your property development. Pay close attention to the location’s nearby infrastructures and services whether it being shopping spots, parking, medical centres, public transportation stations among others. These features will automatically raise your property’s value even when the market is having a rough time.

Find your property’s qualities and what adds value to it

As we just talked about the importance of finding the right development site, it is also important to spot your property’s qualities in order to know the profit you will make from them in the market. Analyse the location you are in and think about what will be an added value to your property whether it being a plunge pool, private parking, or an at-home gym.

Pay close attention to your planning process

Every good property development should start with well-thought-out planning in order to better understand all the steps that should be taken to deliver the project in due form. From the conceptualisation to the final touches, it is crucial for you to have a written plan in order to reduce any unwanted potential risks of going over your budget or any inconvenience during the process. That does not mean that you should not think about the eventuality of things not going the way you want. You have to evaluate each eventuality in order to better propose alternative solutions in advance.

Following these above five rules will surely help you in the first steps of your property development. For more key advice on your property success, don’t hesitate to contact us!