Invest In Property In The West or North Of Mauritius

Thanks to the different schemes set up by the Mauritian Government and managed by the EDB (Economic Development Board), Mauritius offers the opportunity to both foreigners and those wishing to expatriate, to invest in property. Among all the different regions of the island, the West and the North of Mauritius are the most sought-after ones … Read more

Property Development For Sale – Warranties On Construction

Grasp this unique opportunity to be the owner of an exclusive villa or duplex in Mauritius with unique warranties on construction. Standing as your trusted property development company on the island for more than 30 years, Know House has been delivering exclusive properties with unique features and advantages around the island, and West 35 is … Read more

All-In-One Property Development Services With Know House (1)

For 30 years now, Know House has been creating outstanding properties in prime settings, all around Mauritius. Thanks to our expertise and the collaboration of our sister companies, we are able to meet our client’s expectations by offering them all-in-one property development services. Have you been considering investing in property in Mauritius? Know House is … Read more

Moving To Mauritius Best Places To Visit In The West

Are you in the process of buying a property or thinking about acquiring one in the West of Mauritius? You made the right decision! This coast of Mauritius is ideal for real estate investment, offering breathtaking nature reserves, historic sites, pearly-while stretches of beach and lush vegetation all around. The setting has so much to … Read more

Fractional Ownership For Residency In Mauritius

As part of the new measures announced in the Mauritius National Budget 2022-2023, foreign investors can now obtain their residency in Mauritius through the fractional ownership policy. To be eligible and apply for one or more permanent residence permit, a few requirements should be met. Learn more about this policy and how it can help … Read more

Open A Bank Account In Mauritius As A Foreigner

Whether you are thinking to come live in Mauritius, or you wish to buy or invest in a property, opening a bank account is necessary for you, be it to manage your finances or to be able to proceed with foreign purchases. As a non-citizen, you can open a bank account in Mauritius for your … Read more

Property For Sale In Mauritius

Know House is proud to present you West 35, its new property development in Mauritius located in la Mivoie! After the great success of West 17 and West 24, West 35 has been designed as an extension to offer another authentic tropical experience upgraded to new heights. If you have been considering investing in property … Read more

invest in property in mauritius

West 35 is Know House’s new project in the West Coast of Mauritius. The project features a selection of exclusive villas and duplexes in La Mivoie promising the best of today’s modern island lifestyle. Abder Chaman, Property Development Manager at Know House, is sharing with us some key details about this new property development project. … Read more

work in mauritius as a foreigner

Have you planned to come work and live in Mauritius soon? In addition to its dreamy tropical weather, the island is home to a wide scope of opportunities for foreign workers seeking a job. Are you a professional, an investor or self-employed? Discover how to apply for different permits in Mauritius that will allow you … Read more

expatriating in mauritius

In recent years, Mauritius has expanded its policy of openness by welcoming foreigners who wish to work, live or retire on the island. Expatriating to Mauritius provides a lot of benefits to those thinking to settle in a pleasant and fruitful environment. With a laid-back lifestyle, a wide variety of facilities, great schools and healthcare, … Read more